How often should i treat my home?

At Pro Shield Pest Management we recommend a General Pest Treatment every 12 months in order to keep your home safe and pest free. Some customers choose to have a treatment every 6 months.

Are the chemicals you use harmful?

We use some of the safest, most effective chemicals on the market today. We still ask customers to vacate the premises to allow it to dry but there is no danger if you cannot. On average this is around 1 hour.

Will rodent bait affect my children and pets?

No, we are 100% child and pet safe. Internal baiting is performed in the roof void and external baits are contained within a weather / child and pet proof rodent station.

Is it normal to see cockroaches after a pest treatment?

Yes – It is normal to see an influx of cockroaches for up to 3 weeks, especially for an infestation or if a regular pest control has not been carried out for a while. Our treatments are thorough, when we treat areas like under fridges and behind dishwashers and under kitchen cupboards and cabinets, we may disturb nests which will be flushed out.

My child or family member has Asthma, are they ok to stay on the premise during treatment?

No – its best that they stay away for at least 4 hours until it dries as a precautionary measure.

How often should i have a Termite inspection?

It is recommended that a Termite Inspection be carried out every 12 months at a minimum. Properties in high risk areas may need an inspection or treatment more regularly.