Domestic Pest Control

Pro Shield Pest Management are experts in dealing with all your household pest problems.

Our general pest control service includes a comprehensive spray treatment to all internal and external areas of your home including the garage and garden sheds.
We treat weep holes, roof voids and any subfloor areas with an electromagnetic insecticide dust, ensuring a comprehensive pest control treatment for your home.
An annual general pest control treatment will give you and your family peace of mind and will keep these nasty pests out of your home!

Covers ants, spiders, cockroaches and silverfish plus other household pests such as earwigs and moths.

*Does not include German cockroaches
*12-month warranty on all domestic pest control treatments

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Commercial Pest Control

Pro Shield Pest Management specialise in tailor made pest services and management programs for commercial businesses.

We recognize that each commercial space has its own specific pest control requirements. Our technician will conduct a thorough assessment of your premises, considering factors like foot traffic, environment, and specific pest issues to create a customized treatment plan that addresses your business’s exact needs.
We understand that commercial pest control should be conducted with minimal disruption to your operation. Our technicians work discreetly and can schedule services during non-peak hours to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.
Common commercial problems: German and Common Cockroaches – Rodents – Ants – Fruit Fly

Servicing Hotels and accommodation facilities – Corporate offices – Cafes and restaurants – Rural farming and agriculture businesses – Trade services – Fast food establishments – Retail outlets.

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Pro Shield Pest Management offer a range of cockroach control treatments for homeowners and businesses.

All cockroaches are a health hazard carrying disease and bacteria and can quickly become an infestation. Household sprays only really kill the cockroaches you see, they don’t kill the numerous young cockroaches back in the “nest”.

Cockroaches are well-known for causing damage to electrical appliances throughout the home. They can cause damage to the electrical components of the appliance, which usually brings costly repair bills.

*German Cockroach – If you start to see large numbers of cockroaches during the day, it could often mean you have an infestation hiding somewhere. These types of cockroaches (German) are know for breeding in large numbers. They are smaller then the normal household cockroach and light brown in colour. 

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Pro Shield Pest Management offer a range of ant control treatments to get rid of the most persistent ant problems. To achieve lasting control of ants you need to be able to identify the species, understand its behaviour and know the best products to use.

Funnel Ants – Otherwise known as lawn ants, their signature habit is creating funnels on lawns creating an uneven surface, undermining the soil, and killing the grass.

Bull Dog and Jack Jumper Ants – These species are known for their aggressive nature. Their powerful stings can cause serious allergic reactions in some people.

Green Ants – A green ant bite can be a painful experience and can sometimes cause an anaphylactic reaction. They are often found in lawn areas, between pavers, tree stumps and gardens.

Black House Ants – These ants do not bite or sting and are active both day and night. Often found around the kitchen or just trailing around anywhere there is a food source.

Carpenter Ants – As the name suggests, these ants can cause significant damage to homes and other wooden structures by hollowing out spaces for their nests, which weakens the wood over time.

Coastal Brown Ants – These ants are very small and brown and are difficult to see. They are small bodied but run in large groups.

Fire Ants – A huge Biosecurity issue in Queensland and the subject of The National Fire Ant Eradication Program. This program aims to find, contain and destroy fire ants in Southeast Queensland. Fire ants are aggressive, highly adaptive, and well-equipped for survival.

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When you have a rodent problem, you need them gone ….FAST! However, eliminating a rodent problem can be a challenge. Success in controlling rodents comes from understanding which rodent is causing the issue.

Whether at home or in a business, Pro Shield Pest Management can provide rodent control programs to eliminate these nasty pests.

Rats and mice cause physical damage to buildings and wiring, consuming and contaminating food and clothing and basically anything they can sink their nasty little teeth into.  They are associated with the spread of several diseases such as typhus and salmonella. These are either spread directly or by the fleas and ticks they carry. Their presence can also set off allergic reactions in some people.

Mouse plagues have occurred several times throughout parts of Australia since house mice were introduced by European colonists along with rats aboard the First Fleet in 1788. Australia and China are the two countries in the world where plagues of mice are known to occur.

Rat and mice numbers can quickly get out of control. If you suspect a rodent problem, quick action is key.

Four rodents that are commonly found in Australia – Field Mouse, House mouse, Roof Rat (or Black Rat, Ship Rat) and the Brown Rat (Norway, Sewer rat). 

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For a flea treatment that gets rid of fleas, stops the bites and gets your home back to normal as quickly as possible, give us a call today!

Our treatments will kill any adult fleas, flea larvae and eggs. The treatment leaves residual insecticide in the carpet which kills any fleas that hatch out of the flea pupae.

The treatment in the carpeted areas keeps working for many months after the treatment providing protection from potential future infestation. Fleas will spread quickly through your house, treatments need to be thorough and it’s very difficult to get a complete and effective treatment with supermarket products.
End of lease pest treatments – These are often required by contract when leaving a rental home. Especially if pets have been in the home. Call Pro Shield Pest Management to book your end of lease treatment.

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Spiders are generally viewed as beneficial creatures keeping other insects and bugs out of your home, however some of our most common spiders have extremely painful bites, which sometimes require a trip to the Doctor. 

These are the top 5 common spiders in Queensland that cause most of the problems / bites:

Black house spider – Normally found under rocks and in trees but is well adapted to building webs in your home, especially around windows, doors and eaves. 

Redback spider – Love dry sheltered areas, under rocks and logs, in tubular fencing, in roof voids and under your outdoor furniture. The female redback will often eat the much smaller male spider after mating.

Huntsman spider – Live under rocks and bark (hence their very flat body shape) but also love the inside of your home.

Funnel-web spider – Tends to live in sandy soils in moist areas, under rocks and logs. In autumn, males go wandering to find a female mate and will often enter your home or fall into your pool. They can survive for several hours underwater from air bubbles trapped on their hairs.

White-tailed spider – Prefers cool moist locations, such as the mulch in garden beds. Maybe come inside in summer to escape the heat, often hiding in sheets and clothing on the floor. Their favourite food is black house spiders.

Call Pro Shield Pest Management today to book your spider treatment.

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A wasp sting is a very painful experience and, in some cases, life threatening.

It’s important to remove wasps to avoid an accidental attack on you, your children and your pets. If you find any nest around your house, don’t try to remove it. They can be unpredictable and very dangerous. 

European wasps – These bright yellow and black striped wasps can form very large nests of up to 100,000 individuals! Most nests are found in the ground often visible only by a hole (with wasps flying in and out), with the remainder of nests found in structures (roof spaces, wall voids and eaves). The nest consists of several cells forming combs, similar to a honeybee.  European wasps and their close relatives, the English wasp are not aggressive to humans unless disturbed. If disturbed they can be very aggressive, many wasps can attack at the same time, delivering multiple stings.

Paper wasps – Build nests from eaves, the underside of branches and leaves. Nests are normally quite small (maximum 100-200 wasps) and hang by a stalk. They tend not be aggressive, only stinging when defending their nest. 

Mud-daubing wasps – These are large solitary wasps that build a small nest consisting of several cells made of mud, often plastered to the outside of your home or garage. Paralysed prey (usually a spider or caterpillar) is placed in each cell before laying an egg and sealing the cell. Not an aggressive species, only stinging when defending their nest.

Other common species include the Cuckoo wasp and the Potter wasp.

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If you are leaving a rental property and require a cost effective end of lease treatment as part of your bond requirements then you’ve come to the right place.

Typically these treatments involve an internal and external general pest spray and a flea treatment (if you have had a pet in the property).

We know moving house can be stressful. We will liaise directly with the agent so there is no more hassle for you. By carrying out the treatment once you have moved out and the property is clear of furniture, we can provide a thorough treatment in a quick time, keeping the costs down for you.

Contact Pro Shield Pest Management to arrange your end of lease or exit spray.