Funnel Ants – Get your lawn back!

Funnel Ants

Funnel Ants are about 5 mm in length once they hit adulthood and they range in colour from black to tan. These ants live outdoors and prefer open areas and turf to burrow the funnels to their nests. Funnel Ants are notorious for producing unsightly mounds in backyards and paddocks which undermine and compromise the integrity of the soil. This species of ant are omnivores, they can eat proteins and will also occasionally eat sugars from natural sources.

The tunnels built underground are extensive and the displacement of soil can be a huge problem. Often the ground is weakened to the point of collapse creating an uneven yard. The mounds also blunt your lawn mower blades as the blades cut through these clumps of soil as you mow your lawn. Funnel Ants can be aggressive when defending themselves and have the ability to deliver a mild sting when bitten.

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