Living With Rats: What You Need To Know


Rodent control services are essential for protecting your family and property from the damage and health risks associated with a rodent infestation.

Rats and mice are notorious in various parts of Australia, which means many homeowners have experienced a rat in their home at least once. As scary as it is to imagine, dealing with one rat is far better than dealing with an infestation. Rodent infestations require precaution and careful planning to ensure the contaminated area is dealt with properly. If you don’t know already, rodents are disease carriers and spread germs incredibly fast through their urine, faeces, and, if you’re unfortunate enough to be bitten, through their saliva. Their greasy and grimy bodies leave thick residues on the walls and other areas of your property where they travel frequently, and the smell of their urine permeates a musky stench that is a clear sign that you have multiple rats living inside your home.

Whether you are facing the common mouse, black rat, or brown rat, it’s imperative that the issue be resolved by a professional who understands the necessary approach to successful rodent remediation. Fortunately, help is already here; just visit our website to schedule an appointment!

What Sort Of Damage Do Rats Cause

For some people, rodents are cute and fluffy, harmless little creatures, but when they’re in your home, you begin to realise just how destructive they can be, especially in large numbers. Rats are known to cause damage in the following ways:

  • Chewing through structural components of your property such as wood, dry wall, insulation, and other building materials.
  • Chew through electrical wires which increases the risk of electrical fires and electrocution should any person touch an exposed live wire. You also end up paying expensive electrician bills to fix any faults you come across.
  • Rodents burrow into furniture and walls to nest.
  • Rodents create excessive noise which could prevent you from feeling relaxed in your home.

Understanding Rat Behaviour: This Is What They Want

Rodents are often believed to be ravenous creatures that are always on the hunt for their next meal, but rats actually only need a small amount of food each day. What they really want is shelter and comfort, and as communal animals, they want materials to build their nests. This is likely why you haven’t had much success with the traps you’ve laid around the house, because something else you may not know about rodents is that they are especially curious but also very cautious, and when something seems strange in their usual environment, they’ll avoid it.

This is why calling a professional to inspect your property is best, because they’ll be able to tell you what steps to take next and have the necessary skills to perform rodent remediation.

So, give Pro Shield a call today for professional and reliable rodent control services, and visit our website to learn more about our pest management services!