Rats and mice are drawn to the warmth of your home as well as the need for food and water . They can nest and breed in your walls, roof and under the floor. They like all kinds of food and will eat almost anything. So, how do you know you have rodents? There are few signs that rats and mice are in your home. Nests. Rats and mice build nests in warm out of the way areas of your property. Be sure to check under your floorboards, behind fridges, in cupboards and outside in your garage and sheds

Scurrying in your walls, ceilings and floorboards. You will often hear the sounds of rats and mice running in your ceilings or under your floor. They will scratch and gnaw on anything, including wood and electrical wires.

Droppings. A rat’s droppings are 12mm long and usually tapered at the end while mice droppings are half the size and thinner

Smell of urine. A strong smell of urine is a strong indicator

Rub marks. Rats leave black smears, like grease, along walls and on their most travelled routes.

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