Rodent Control Services: Say Goodbye To The Critters In Your Walls

Rodent Control Services

If your home or business is frequented by grimey, beady-eyed rats, rodent control services are vital to stop them from multiplying and infesting your property!

Coming across a rat can be a spine-chilling experience, especially when your day-to-day life presents close encounters that leave you terrified. Rodents are the epitome of creepy, and having them in your home is never a pleasant experience. Thankfully, Pro Shield’s rodent control services can quickly and efficiently remove the infestation from your property and ensure your living space is clean and safe from rodent contaminants.

Don’t let the rat family living in your home get the best of you! Instead, call the professionals at Pro Shield for expert rodent remediation services!

Understanding Rat Behaviour 

The first question people ask when they realise they have a rat infestation is ‘why me’? What makes my home the ideal camping grounds for an ever-growing herd of greasy, flea-ridden furballs with teeth? To be honest, many people feel hunted, like they’re being watched. Well, the truth is, there’s nothing special about you or your home – rats have no preference. All they want is shelter, food and water. So, if your property caters to these primary needs and allows for easy access, rats will see it as an open invitation to let themselves in and make themselves comfortable.

Once they’ve settled in and built a nest, you’ll soon pick up on signs that you’re not alone in your home. You’ll hear rustling and scratching as they gnaw through electrical wires and burrow through the walls, and you’ll identify a pungent smell that puts your gag reflexes in overdrive. Then there’s the droppings and body grease that combine with the terrible smell that raises the banner that says, ‘your home is rat infested!’

Still, despite the challenges that come with rodents living in your home, there is a solution to restore the balance! Rodent control services identify infested areas and entry points into the home to map where your home’s weaknesses are. From there, they remove the infestation, decontaminate your home and provide a treatment plan to prevent future infestation. Professional rodent control services ensure the job is done right so you can have complete peace of mind that your home is rat free!

Rats are notorious for carrying several diseases and a host of harmful bacteria which they introduce to human environments, putting lives at risk and leaving many people completely unaware that their health is compromised. This is why rat removal services should be used at the first sign of rodent activity, so get in touch with Pro Shield today to request a quote!