The Germans are Invading!

Cockroach Control

The German cockroach is considered to be the worst species of the cockroach for many reasons. Their long, dark antenna and light brown to tan coloration make them difficult to spot scuttling around in dark, cluttered areas of a home. But two distinctive black marks between the head and thorax give this species of roach a strong identifying mark,

Why is the German cockroach is considered to be the worst of all?

  • Destruction and damage, infecting food sources and food-preparation surfaces with parasites and bacteria.

  • The speed and ease at which German cockroaches can infest a home. Roaches need very little space only requiring enough room to poke their heads through before squeezing themselves inside.

  • This roach’s fast reproductive cycle, along with a strong carapace that is resistant to many types of pest control, will ensure the colony’s survival for months or even years to come.