To Beat The Pest, You Need To Become The Pest: Termite Treatment Strategies From Your Pest Control Specialists In Gympie


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When you’ve spent years pouring your time, love, patience and money into your home, the last thing you want is for it to be attacked from the inside out. But, unfortunately, that is precisely what happens when you have a termite infestation. But, don’t be discouraged – there are many things you can do in and around your home to make it the least desirable location for termites.

To a termite colony, location really is the most important factor to increase their numbers. So, unless you want to be their landlord, removing your property from the termite real-estate leasing directories is probably best by following the tips listed below.

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In The Mind Of A Termite.

If I were a termite, where would I hide?

Termite treatment is the art of understanding a termite’s behaviour, needs and limitations. Essentially, you need to become a termite yourself in order to effectively prevent termites from entering your home. So, what do termites like, and what are common amenities your home provides for their survival?

1. Damp and rotting wood. As their name suggests, dampwood termites are attracted to wood that is rotting and full of moisture. In addition, any wooden infrastructure of your home that is in direct contact with the soil is susceptible to termite activity. So, piles of wood against the home or wooden fencing that is anchored in the ground can promote a termite infestation. Rotting or wood-to-soil elements of your home will also afford termites a direct passage into the house where they can infest other areas,
particularly the areas with the most humidity, such as a crawlspace or basement.

2. Over-use of mulch. Although mulch is an excellent way to feed your garden and make it aesthetically pleasing, it provides a moisture-rich environment that attracts many species of termites. In addition, if the mulch is touching the exterior walls of your home, termites will enter through cracks and crevices and settle in as they begin mutilating your home one piece at a time.

Overall, treatment is best established when you minimise unnecessary wood sources, keep trees cut back from the home, and ensure water drains properly from the property to mitigate excess dampness and humidity.

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