What Types Of Commercial Pest Management Are There?

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What commercial pest management systems? There are various ways to fight bugs and critters around a business setting. Each approach boasts its open method, solution and application, ranging from chemical to natural. Understanding the available options allows you to make the best decision for your space and budget, ensuring the health and wellness of everyone nearby. Suppose you may be unsure of what to use. Best to call in the professional like us to tackle the problem head-on. Finding the ideal method to solve your issue is paramount to a safe and secure working space, whether looking for a broad application or taking care of specific problems. Read on to find out more about these approaches.

Registered Pesticides

A registered pesticide is a range of options that can legally be used within your region. These include a range of over-the-counter products that can be easily purchased to use yourself and professional pesticide options that only skilled control technicians should use. These are chemical solutions that can often include heavier or more hazardous ingredients. To become approved for everyday use, these products must be put through the registration process, encompassing a review of the ingredients and an analysis of their intended uses. It will also cover the time of service, frequency of intended use, and proposed disposal methods, allowing for a complete profile to be built around the product. The process helps evaluate the pesticide’s potential risk to animal and plant life, including human life.

Insect Growth Regulators

A growth regulator is designed to stop and slow the maturation process of insects, from egg to adult. These products are relatively preventative rather than active treatments. Eggs treated with this pesticide never hatch, causing them to die as larvae. This is an effective way to control the spread of pests within your home.


Insect repellents are chemicals that protect certain pests from your home and business property. You may have used them to prevent mosquito bites, but various repellents can keep insects and bugs away from your space. These may only be temporary solutions. How well the repellent works depends on many factors, but it’s best to find a repellant that has been approved and registered.

Speak to our professionals to find your business’s best commercial pest management methods. From preventative measures to hands-on treatment, we can guide and advise you on the ideal option for your environment and specific issues. Contact us today to find out more.